One night in Bangkok - Red Sky Bar


With only one night in Bangkok I wanted to make it count. I'd been scrolling through Instagram seeing these amazing photos of people enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset with a stunning view. Of course that view was from some of the amazing sky bars scattered around Bangkok, one of them being the Red Sky Bar in Centra Grand Hotel.

Being our last night in Thailand, it only felt right that we treat ourselves with a nice night out and I was super excited to cross this bucket list item off - I think seeing the Hangover 2 had something to do with this...

Now I'll warn you, the drinks at these places aren't cheap. Not Thailand cheap anyway! The prices for the cocktails worked out to be $25 - $30 NZ but the 360 degree views are breathtaking...


To get to the Red Sky Bar you need to enter through the Centra Grand Hotel located in the heart of Bangkok city in CentralWorld. From the moment I walked into this hotel, I knew the Sky Bar was going to be good. It's a pretty flash place so don't go here wearing your flip flops! They have a smart casual dress code so if you wear a nice dress and some sandals you'll get in fine. 

We walked through the hotel lobby to the elevators, rode to the top floor, then got into another elevator which took us up to the 55th floor. This is the Red Sky restaurant where you can make a reservation and have dinner. However if you are just looking to grab a drink and enjoy the sunset, hop in one last elevator that will take you to the 56th floor being the Red Sky Bar. 

We were pretty lucky that it wasn't very busy when we went so we were able to get a table with a great view. I would suggest getting here early to grab a good table and snap a few photos of the sunset before it gets too crowded. 


And don't forget to look around! The colours that appear in the clouds are stunning, sometimes even on the opposite side to where the sun is setting. 

When ordering cocktails, the staff give you an iPad which has pictures of all the drinks. Of course I just wanted to choose the one that looked the coolest. It tasted really good too, if you like a fruity cocktail I'd recommend this one! I can't remember the name of the drink I got but you'll be able to tell from the photos anyway.

After the sun sets you still get an amazing view of all the city lights, and with the Centra Grand being the 5th highest tower in Bangkok it's pretty spectacular. 

Once we finished our cocktails we made our way back down all of the elevators, without trying to get lost, and had a look in the CentralWorld mall. Since we splashed out on our fancy cocktails we just settled for takeaways from the mall food court for dinner that night. Not quite as glamorous but it's all about balance ;)

So, if you ever find yourself in Bangkok make sure you set aside a night to visit the Red Sky Bar. It truely is an amazing night.

Are there any other sky bar's or roof top bars you loved or want to visit? Let me know in the comments!