Road trip to Tawharanui Regional Park, New Zealand

Tahwaranui Regional Park is the perfect road trip destination! It's so easy to access at just over an hour's drive north of Auckland so you can drive back the same day or if you are feeling a bit tired there's camp ground you can stay at. The beach itself is stunning and well worth a visit. Tawharanui is more of a surf beach so make sure you take your boogie board! With the gorgeous white sand and warm water this a road trip I highly recommend. On the drive up from Auckland you will pass through Matakana Village. This is a great little town to stop at for a bite to eat and you will usually find all the locals at the Rusty Pelican, check out the menu here.

If  you think you want to spend more than a day here be sure to check out the Tawharanui camping ground. It's a DOC (Department of conservation) camping ground which means it is super cheap. It also means it's very basic, remember to pack a roll of toilet paper just in case... You can make a booking by contacting the Auckland Regional Council. The summer season can be busy so make sure you book in advance!

My favourite thing about Tawharanui is the mermaid pools! They are a set of rock pools you can swim in at low tide, on a sunny day the water is crystal clear. You have to climb over a few rocks to get to these but I managed to do it no problem, so you'll be fine. Do be a bit careful if it's high tide as the waves crash onto these rocks and it can be a bit dangerous.

Tawharanui Mermaid Pools
Tawharanui Mermaid Pools

Overall Tawharanui is an awesome road trip destination if you need a quick Auckland getaway!