Is Cloud 9 in Fiji worth the hype?

When I was thinking about travelling to Fiji the first thing I said to my boyfriend was we have to visit Cloud 9. I did a lot of googling, I don't think there was another piece of information out there that I didn't read. I couldn't wait to see the turquoise waters for myself! The day begins departing from Port Denarau on a high speed catamaran. If speed boats aren't your thing there are other options but I was in my element.


Upon arriving at Cloud 9...

...I quickly realised how hard it will be to get a spot! Luckily we were at the back of the boat so we got to get off first. There were already people at Cloud 9 when we arrived so unfortunately I couldn't nab a spot on the sunbeds. I had to settle for some deck chairs. However, I did strategically place myself as close to the sunbeds as I could, hoping that someone might leave. It was still a good spot and I perched myself on the beam while sipping my Piná Colada. The great thing about the bar here is the drinks definitely have a bit of a kick to them. You wouldn't want to try sitting on this beam after having a few too many...


When we booked this day trip it came with a voucher for two drinks and a pizza per person. Once I realised we got a pizza each I was extremely stoked. They were delicious, I am a strong lover of Hawaiian pizza and it did not disappoint! I would highly recommend asking about this voucher when booking because food and drinks on board aren't cheap...

The thing I was looking forward to the most about Cloud 9 was swimming in the beautiful turquoise water. The water really is that blue, it's not just Instagram filters playing tricks on you! Being able to relax in the sun with a cocktail, pizza and a gorgeous view was my idea of a fab day. If your quite the adventurous type and find you can't sit still for longer than 5 minutes then this probably isn't the trip for you. The current out there is surprisingly strong. Even though I'm a competent swimmer I didn't swim longer than 10 minutes which was a shame because it was beautiful!


Overall I really enjoyed my time at Cloud 9 in Fiji

But after a few hours I had definitely done my dash and was ready to head back to Denarau. It would be quite hard to spend the whole day here unless you had a really good book to keep you entertained, which I unfortunately did not. The food and drink was great but expensive and choices were limited, if you don't like pizza you're a bit screwed. The water was beautiful but hard to swim in due to the current. The sunbeds are awesome but extremely hard to grab. And idea of a floating party platform is cool but it's overcrowded. At the end of the day there are positives and negatives. So it's up to you to decide whether the positives outweigh the negatives enough for you to visit Cloud 9, Fiji!